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In a vast and wondrous corner of the world, we are building a sanctuary for the heart and a retreat for the soul

Goodwill Mountain was founded out of a desire to be of benefit to the land and of service to our fellow beings. This manifests in many ways - we are regenerating ecosystems and becoming ever more sovereign with our food and energy; we offer space for retreating or celebrating and spending time with loved ones; we are a budding intentional community who sing, dance and meditate together - and much more in an ever changing flow of activities and projects. At the heart of it, however, Goodwill is a prayer, an intention. A prayer for ourselves and the people around us to wake up, to be free, to live from the heart. An intention to create a place on Earth that supports this way of life, not just once in a while or in one way, but all of the time and in every way. The driving force of all that we do here is our dedication to being of benefit and of service - to each other, to the land we steward and to the love in our hearts. That's where it all starts, and where it all ends. 

Oak self-catering cottage with view of dam and mountains
Fractal tattoo with fibonacci sequence, draft drawing
Yoga on the rocks - tree pose with view of the valley
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