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Horse paddock with mountains and pine forest

Goodwill Mountain Farm is a permaculture project in progress! We have been blessed with the most beautiful side of any mountain (but we may be biased) and we are working hard to create the life that we have been dreaming about. We currently grow olives and buchu, but our goal is to become largely self-sufficient through sustainable and biodiverse food forest systems as well as hydroponics and closed-circuit waste- and water management. You can read more about permaculture here.

Our project wouldn't be worth anything if we couldn't share it, and therefore we offer accommodation in self-catering cottages as well as retreats and volunteering. We will be hosting events and courses and sometimes we'll take our farm on the road to farmers markets and festivals around South Africa. 

We care passionately about sustainability, nutrition, food production, soil health and the wellbeing of our fellow humans. The name of our farm comes from the Afrikaans word "Welgesind", which means good intention, or goodwill. For us this is not just a catchy title but a way of life: our intention is to create as much good as we possibly can with the means we've been given. We hope you will join us! 


Richard 'Bodhi' Perryer is a certified yoga teacher and treeplanter. He knows pretty much everything about nutrition and how to take loving care of a hard-working body and over-active mind. 

Patricia 'Rishi' Sundstrom is here to save the world! Born in Copenhagen, and having traveled most of the world, Rishi is determined to offer everything she's learnt - from growing a food forest to sociocracy and everything in between. 

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