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The reforestation site is 14 hectares of alien forest with predominantly Black Wattle as well as some Blue Gum and Port Jackson. The forest hugs a small river which is fed by the mountains and runs through the property.

During a large flood in 2005, the banks of the river were heavily damaged and there are now large dongas along the course as well as some places where the waterway cuts down to bedrock. Repairing the river and combating erosion will therefore be an important part of the rehabilitation process.

Some indigenous trees growing spontaneously indicate that this area has been a forest in the past, and that there is the water and fertility necessary for creating one anew. The alien vegetation will be cleared ongoingly as we plant the indigenous trees – in this way, the existing trees will act as support for the new ones and help to prevent erosion on the steeper slopes. Furthermore, Black Wattle trees fix nitrogen in the soil which the surrounding vegetation can benefit from.

Ultimately, this forest will become a sanctuary for plants, animals and humans alike. It will definitely be a place of peace and probably a source of inspiration, but hopefully also a call to action.

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