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An opportunity for you to step outside of your ordinary life, to let go of what weighs you down. Whether you wish to be alone or with supportive like minded people, you are welcome to join us.

This retreat is based on the practice of yoga and meditation as a way of life. Through this way of life we recognize our innate joy, overwhelming love in our heart and endless clarity in our mind. We offer the space and support, whether you are deepening your practice, new to spiritual practice or someone who just wants to relieve themselves of the stresses of modern life. We invite you to join us in stunning beauty, peace and luxury at Goodwill Mountain Farm.

We understand that everyone's path is unique, and therefore everything in the schedule is completely optional. At Goodwill Mountain Farm, you will be able to re-center and balance no matter how you go about doing so, and you are encouraged to listen to your intuition as to what is best for you.

Each day has a few hours of free time to give you some space to assimilate the new experiences, deepen your practice, or simply relax and unwind. This weekend is yours to do with as you wish. We have created this retreat to give you an opportunity to change your life. It is our intention to offer guidance and support, creating a space of love and respect where people can come as often as needed. We are at your service.


A mix of Hatha, Yin, and Vinyasa. Suitable for all levels of experience, you will nurture correct posture and alignment, and focus on going deeply into the heart with your practice. The intention is that you will be able to take these yoga practices home with you in your daily life.


During your stay, you will be served two daily delicious meals (breakfast and dinners). We skip lunch to give time for the body to focus on healing rather then digesting food, as well as to help garner clarity and focus. For those who are hungry during the day, delicious vegan snacks will be provided - we love baking vegan goods! All food is organic where possible and made with loving intention. Your relationship with food reflects in your body and mind as harmony or discord, with this in mind we shall eat well.


The retreat will take place on Goodwill Mountain Farm, which is nestled against the Kleinriviersberg just outside the charming village of Stanford. The strong presence of the mountains and the abundant wildlife gives rise to deep communion with nature and inner silence is easily found amongst the wind rustling through the pine trees. The farm is a permaculture project in progress and and we work and live with a deep respect for the land.

Sample Timetable


6.00                 Yoga

7.00                 Meditation

8.30                 Breakfast

12.00               Meditation

13.00               Lunch

15.30               Tea

17.00               Yoga

18.00               Free Time

18.30               Dinner

19.30               Meditation

20.00               Free time


The sitting meditation sessions will initially be guided. No prior experience of meditation is required, and if you are already practicing meditation, these sessions will not conflict with your own practice.


During this retreat, you will be staying in The Villa at Goodwill Mountain Farm. This incredible house 400 square meters in size, is built on a dam up in the mountains. Wake up each morning and take a swim underneath the mountains or just bask in the magnificence of this setting.

You have the option of choosing to share a room or book it privately. All the rooms have been designed for your comfort and relaxation with modern simplicity and color. Natural and biodegradable products are the only products used for your comfort and the health of the planet. The quiet and calm of the countryside allows for plenty of relaxation and the plethora of stars at night will be sure to inspire awe. 


Things to do on the farm

  • Relax and continue your practice during free time

  • Swim in one of the farm's three dams

  • Take amazing nature walks around the farm and up into the mountains

  • Guided horse rides on the farm for absolute beginners up to advanced riders, inquire before the retreat for more details and price.

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